Area Rug Pads

Why area rug pads?

An area rug pad is an essential accessory for every household. It protects both your hard-surface flooring and your area rug while keeping your rug from sliding around. You'll also enjoy the extra comfort and softness it provides when it's placed underneath your area rug! Read on to learn about the three main types of area rug pads.

Cushioned rug pads

It’s all in the name. These rug pads are so comfy, you'll want to sit on them! These are best used for larger area rugs where the rug is also anchored down by furniture and grip is of no concern. Cushioned rug pads are great for living spaces where your family will spend time the most time in such as lounge areas, bedrooms, children’s play rooms, and even dining rooms.

Non-slip rug pads

These pads are designed solely to keep your area rug in place. They are ideal for runners and throw rugs along with any other rug that experiences a heavy amount of foot traffic.

Grip and cushioned rug pads

This type of rug pad lets you have the best of both worlds. It's best for thinner rugs that have the tendency to fold easily. The combination of rubber (for grip) and felt (for cushioning) is the most popular choice among our customers. Cushioning also comes in a wide variety of thicknesses for your individualistic needs.