Light vs. Dark: Which Flooring Color is Right for You?

November 08, 2022

If you’re looking to switch up your floors, but don’t know where to start, a good place is deciding on color – whether you like dark or light flooring. Narrowing down your options this way will make a big difference when choosing the perfect floors for you. Here are a few factors that you should consider when making a decision on the color aesthetic of your new floors!

Initial Preference

These floors are for you, so your opinion matters! While the flooring experts might know more about the ins and outs of flooring colors, you still have your own tastes that should definitely be taken into consideration. Look at the way your house is styled and look for a floor that matches what is already there. Light floors are generally the easiest to match because of how well they go with different aesthetics, making it easy to choose new wall colors and furniture in the future without clashing with your flooring. On the other hand, dark floors create a more dramatic style that can give some contrast to brighter areas of your home.

How Is the Lighting?

Evaluating the lighting in the space where you are looking at changing your floors is an important factor. If your space doesn’t get as much natural light, then opting for lighter floors might help give your area some brightness. If your room is already full of natural lighting, you have the option of choosing a darker floor that may make more of a statement.

How Big Is Your Space?

Did you know that the color of your flooring can impact how big or small your room looks? Darker rooms will make a room look smaller, whereas lighter rooms can make a room appear larger. While there are other aspects of your home, like wall color, that can impact the size feel, generally, dark floors work best in larger rooms and open floor plans.

Cleaning Habits

While your floor cleaning habits might not seem like a primary concern when choosing floors, it is definitely still a factor when making your decision. Lighter floors work well to hide dirt and debris but show anything larger than that. Inversely, dark floors hide dirt more and generally require less maintenance but will still need to be cleaned often as dust and pet hair stand out on these floors. Before choosing your floors, it might be worthwhile to think about the maintenance of your flooring too, and then choosing which option would work best for you.

Indoor Pets?

If you have pets, they are probably very important to you! Not only are they important to your family, but they are also important when deciding on what type of flooring you should get. When it comes to flooring, remember that scratches and light color dog hair are less visible on lighter floors, but if you have a pet with darker fur, it will show up easier. For dark floors, scratches and lighter fur will be more apparent, but there are many scratch-resistant flooring options to choose from so you can have the best of both worlds!

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