Tips to Protect Hardwood Flooring

August 25th, 2022

Hardwood floors are both beautiful and durable.  Even though they are tough flooring, it doesn’t mean that they are immune to damage. There are plenty of things that can ruin your hardwood floors, but thankfully treating your hardwood flooring with the proper care can keep them beautiful for decades.  Here are a few simple tips on how to protect your hardwood floors.   

Clean Spills Immediately

Hardwood flooring is unique from vinyl and tile flooring, which means that it is not waterproof. When spills occur, make sure to clean them up immediately. Gently blot the spills and then wipe them down with a clean towel.  If you decide to install hardwood flooring in your living room and kitchen, try to strategically place some mats near the door and sink to catch some of the dirt and moisture before it reaches the hardwood. 

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

Though it might take a little time to determine the perfect cleaning product for your hardwood floors, it will be worth it in the long run. Before choosing your cleaner, you need to know what type of finish has been applied on your floors.  You can find this out by dropping a little bit of water on your floor.  If the water is absorbed, then your floors were not sealed, but if little beads of water form, then your floor has been sealed. If your floor has been sealed, use a product that has been formulated for sealed hardwood floors and follow the manufacturer’s guide. Also, never use harsh products like chlorine bleach, ammonia, pine oil, or undiluted vinegar because these cleaning products can seriously damage your hardwood floors.

Move Furniture to Avoid Faded Color

If your furniture is near a large window or there is a lot of direct sunlight in your rooms, it might be wise to rearrange your furniture every so often. This is because the UV rays can directly affect your hardwood floors and cause some slight fading. Sun exposure in some rooms is unavoidable which is why we recommend moving some furniture around so that the floor fades evenly and doesn’t leave any outlines of furniture. 

Reduce High and Low Humidity

Extreme levels of humidity negatively affect hardwood flooring since it is made of a natural material.  High humidity will cause your floors to expand which can cause cupping, while low humidity extracts moisture from the floors which can cause gaps.  Neither of these situations is preferable, but by relying on your heating and cooling system and monitoring the humidity with a hygrometer, you can protect your hardwood floors.  We recommend keeping the humidity in your home between 35%-55% year-round.

Hire Reputable Contractors

If your hardwood floors creak when you walk over them, it might have to do with the way they were installed.  Always make sure to have trusted contractors install your hardwood flooring for seamless floors.

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