We’re More Than Just Flooring

April 14th, 2022

When buying a new home, or updating an existing home, flooring is usually at the top of the project list. While flooring and its installation is our most requested service, we offer several other services that make us who we are too! When building or renovating a home there are many other features besides flooring that can have a big impact and become a focal point in your home’s design. One of the reasons we love what we do is the variety of projects we get to be involved in! Keep reading to learn more about several of our other services that make The Flooring Design Center so great. Some of them may even surprise you!



A kitchen backsplash is one of the many ways you can show your personal style within your home. Sure, a backsplash is utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean it has to be plain! At The Flooring Design Center, we love to help our clients bring their visions to life. From beautiful subway tile to large format tile in Calcutta marble, we’re sure to help you create a stunning accent piece within the heart of your home. Flooring Design Center’s innovative approach is what sets up apart when helping clients choose the perfect alternatives to plain backsplash. After all, a backsplash is one of the main features that sets the tone for your whole kitchen, so make sure it’s one that you will be able to enjoy for years and years to come!

Bathroom and Shower Tile

Do you have a shower or bathroom in need of some love? Make your showers more enjoyable with new tile! The Flooring Design Center can create a beautiful spa like experience in your bathroom, which will help make it so very easy to wash away the stress of your day. Whether its fancy or reserved, simple or elaborate, the key to any shower or bathroom tile design is – options, options, options! Contact us today to chat about the bathroom project you have, or will have, on your horizons!

Fireplace and Hearth Tile

Adding tile around your hearth is the perfect way to cozy up your living space. Selecting a monochromatic look or a patterned tile can bring pizazz in any room. Used in the southwest for years, as well as in Victorian homes in New England, this type of tile is becoming a much bigger trend than ever before. Fireplaces and hearths both require a very unique tile application, so it’s important to contact a professional, like The Flooring Design Center, to make sure your project is in the right hands! Contact us today for a free consultation!

Outdoor Kitchens, Patios, and Pools

Yes, we do outdoor! There is a large demand for both aesthetically pleasing, and practical, outdoor spaces such as patios, pool surrounds, and outdoor kitchens. The Flooring Design Center has products specifically designed for almost any outdoor application, and there is plenty of variety when it comes to material choices. What better excuse to stop putting off that outdoor living space upgrade you’ve been dreaming of? We have a feeling this trend will be around for a long time to come!


We hope to have given you some more insight as to what The Flooring Design Center has to offer! Check out all of our services for more information. We also have financing available if needed! If you’re looking for more inspiration, feel free to head on over to the flooring section of our website. Have questions? Give us a call at 409-932-2843 or contact us through our website.

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